City Walks and Ghost Walks

City Walks and Ghost Walks, Old Town Stockholm

The guide always have historical clothing. You can choose between a more historical City Walk, Ghost Walk or our Murder Walk. We visit the Hellstreet, you will hear about the dark side of Stockholm. What person in Stockholm wouldn´t you like as your neighbour?  We visit the streets and houses that are haunted.

Do I need to book? Yes
Do I have to pre-pay? No
What´s the duration? About 1 hour
Where do I meet the guide? Västerlånggatan 14, Old Town Stockholm
Price: 150 Sek adults, 100 sek for children up to 16 years.

Book your own guide

For Groups you can book your own guide.
You can choose date and time that suits you. From early mornings to late night. Mondays to Sundays.


Gamla stan Stockholm, Västerlånggatan 14, 11129 Gamla stan, Sverige -